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Advantage Merchandising Services, LLC

Welcome to Advantage Merchandising Services, LLC

Our Services

Services at a Glance

 The following is a list of the general services we provide:

  • Buybacks
  • Competitive Shops
  • Contractor Breakfasts
  • Counter Maintenance
  • Defective Handling
  • Demos
  • Department Stocking
  • Display Assembly
  • Display installation/Resets
  • Integrity Checks
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • New Store Sets
  • Order writing
  • P.O.P Replenishment
  • Product Assembly
  • Product Blitz
  • Product Conversion
  • Product Labling
  • Product Knowledge
  • Surveys ( All Types )

Special Projects

 Special Projects Team is the name given to the AMS team of special installation specialists.  These teams are available throughout the country to install display that require a higher level of skill.The Special Projects Team frees up both the retailer and the AMS Area Representative to continue doing their normal merchandising functions.  Special Projects Team is also used on special projects that have priority completion deadlines.The Special Projects Team also provides help with special projects which include: 

  • Store Display Installations
  • Seasonal Projects
  • Inventory Integrity Checks
  • Product Labeling
  • Special Display Assembly
  • Manufacturer Blitz Programs
  • New Product Conversion
  • Special Competitive Shops
  • Buybacks
  • New Store Set-ups

 AMS merchandisers have proven that they can be more consistent on their service calls than factory employees.  Where a factory employee usually have dual roles in both sales and services (sales taking priority), at AMS our merchandisers are service and set-up only allowing them to focus on their priorities without any other project interruptions. AMS merchandisers also track their performance daily and are required to complete a Store Visit Approval Form, this way projects are completed in a timely manner. 

 By using AMS, manufacturers will be able to easily track project costs and budgets.  To keep costs down, AMS can complete most special requests on a regular service call, where a factory employee would take longer to complete, and have no time schedule for these calls.  AMS has fixed cost for service and special projects with no hidden extras, allowing manufacturers to know exactly from month to month what their service and set-up costs are.  AMS can also cost less than using a direct employee when you consider salary, benefits, travel time, and travel expenses.